Bianca Harle

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Bianca HärleBianca is a native of Germany. She grew up in a small rural agricultural village with the incredible art and architecture of Europe all around her. After graduating from the German equivalent of high school she decided to spend a year abroad before choosing a career path. She traveled to the southwestern United States, a place to which she felt a strong connection and where she had experiences for which she would seek answers for many years to come. She remained in the Southwest and eventually moved to Albuquerque to pursue a degree in Architecture at the University of New Mexico. After completing her BA she stayed in the field of interior design and continues to work in the specialty area of interior systems furnishings and movable walls, working independently with various clients and companies in the greater New Mexico area.  

A series of events in the early nineties led her to continue her quest for a deeper understanding of life’s purpose, human potential, and the inter-connectedness of all things that began in her earlier journey. Part of that search led her to engage a project in Belize, where she spent several consecutive winters building a small beach house and realizing her dream of living on a tropical island. It was there that she rekindled her passion for painting and where she experienced the oneness with nature that would lead her to further consciousness studies. She has made both of these a major part of her life ever since. Bianca dedicates her energy to her own continued growth and to sharing what she finds on the road less traveled with those who are part of her life. Bianca lives and works in Placitas, New Mexico with her husband, architect, Rob Love.