Bianca Harle

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Bianca has expressed through art ever since she was a child. After completing her career studies, she made art a major part of her life. Her primary medium is pastel, but she also works in pencil for journal sketches when traveling, in acrylics to express  abstract  concepts, and in oil for landscapes. She paints for the pure joy of expressing mood and emotion and for practicing the art of observation. No matter what her subject matter, bold, vibrant color is a common element in her work. She is a regular on the Placitas Studio Tour, shows at La Junta Gallery in Bernalillo, and at Arte Gallery in Placitas. Her work can also be seen by appointment at her Studio in Placitas.

Face Drawing
Burden of Choice
Fire in The Gables
Still Apart
The Guessing Game 2
“Every so often there are cracks in that which we perceive as reality. The flow from these never ceases to amaze me.”
                                                                                                                                                                   – Bianca Härle